Vienna is known for being a tourist spot with visitors coming from all around the world. Here are some of the places that one could visit, once they are in Vienna.

Kunsthistorisches Museum – This museum is a place for fine art and would be a very nice place to visit. It is a treat to visit and watch the museum. The place is located in Maria There in Platz, 1010 Vienna. This museum is known to be one of the most important museums in Vienna.

Historic center of Vienna – This is one of the major sites in Vienna with beautiful architecture. This place includes baroque castles, greater buildings, gardens and palaces. There are a few coffee shops and places to shop around. This historic city center is well known among tourists. This place is good for walking miles. They are located right in the center of the Europe. The St. Stephen’s church is also known for brilliant architecture and joy. There is a mind boggling garden too for you to enjoy.

Schoenbrunn Palace – This is Vienna’s one of the most organized museums. The place describes well about the Hapsburg dynasty. There is much to see and learn from the palace itself. You will most likely fall in love as well, due to the history of the place. Visit the palace during the summers. You can tour the place and wander around. It is worth the visit. This place is a must see in Vienna.

Tiergarten Schoenbrunn – Zoo Vienna – Visiting this place is an absolute stunner. It is a must see for the kids and the family together. The zoo is pretty well organized as you can see many animals. The polar bear is an excellent attraction in this zoo. The animals here are splendid and truly wonderful; you will love the rainforest walk. Visiting this place in February would give you the edge and the excitement that you might be looking for. It is a great zoo with many animals spread all over the zoo. You must also enquire about the feeding times, before you head to the zoo.

Schonbrunner Gardens – Some of these gardens are quite exquisite and have a natural fauna. The visit will be fruitful mostly in the spring time. They are very colorful and very beautiful. Once it snows in this place, you will see nothing but a sea of ice. It would be a long slippery walk, so make sure you wear some snow shoes before you take a walk. In the summer the place looks stunning. It is a nice place where you could relax and feel the sun all over you. The palace here is quite good.

Schlosspark Schonbrunn – The architecture is really great and fabulous. These royal gardens are known to be rated as one of the best in the world and most certainly in all of Europe too. This is a must see in Vienna. They are breathtaking as they might charge you an admission. You could walk freely in the garden and see the spectacular hill view of Gloriette. While in the holiday season, there is a huge Christmas market, you could also choose to try the punsch and langos to get you in the mood. If you want to travel to this place, the metro to Schonbrunn will take only 5 minutes of brisk walk to the main gates. The tram is also available as it stops right in the front.

The Natural History Museum, also known as the Naturhistorisches Museum – this museum is located at downtown at Burging 7 right in front of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. This place is one of the largest in Europe and has few of the nicest places to visit. The museum is the largest of its kind and is few of the nicest in the world. There are at least 39 exhibition halls with many objects that represent the earth. The museum already has a total collection of about 30 million specimens in collections. You can also see the halls of mineralogy. There you can find many rocks and minerals. There are also many unique gems and precious stones. This place is also one of the largest meteorite halls on earth. There are at least 1,100 meteorites.

Grab a free market bargain – They are one of the eclectic markets. The markets open on Monday till the Saturday. There are pickets, wine, plump and many other things to ear. You can also serve for breakfast if you can reach the place by 7am.

Experience the arty trinity to Vienna – They are few of the imperial stables and serves as one of the lovely spot for lounging and watching people.

Take a stroll through the musical park – They are one of the largest Ringstrasse parks. It moves towards the east and to the Vien River. Music is the major theme here as many visitors walk through this place itself.

These are some of the major destinations that are known to be frequently visited by people from all over the world. When in Vienna, you can stroll through a number of options apart from these mentioned above.