Once you are in Thailand, there is so much you can do and so many activities to take part in. here in this article we discuss about some of the things that you can do in Thailand.

Tribal trekking – The northern Thailand has at least 4000 hill tribes that remain unfound till date. Provinces like the Chiang Mai and the Chiang Rai are good places to go for a trekking session. This will remain as an unforgettable experience. While visiting this place, this place will be known as one of the unforgettable experience. One has to explain the history of this particular place. The trail in between the villages will lead you to the winding paths. You can hire a guide and also find a guide for a short period of time. They will be able to tell you more about this place. One can also find medicinal plants along the hilly roads that help in curing or healing purposes. There are lower standards of living and mostly villages sustain this place. There are also some towns available as well. The tribes’ women are known to be having the proud appearances that makes their weaving and embroidering of the traditional clothes. If you make any purchase, this will be directly helping the village that is considered as an aid.

Island hopping in the gulf of Thailand – This is a new one and never ceases to get old. Some of the islands located there include the Ko Tao, Ko Samui, and Ko Phangan, all are located at the gulf of Thailand. You can take an overnight sleeper train and ferry or even an internal flight that will take you to Ko Samui. These are some of the popular destinations for those who want to visit this relaxing beach on a lovely Thailand summer holiday. During this time of the year, it is best to go for swimming and snorkeling. Jump on the boat or ferry and enjoy the surroundings.

Traditional street food – Thailand is home to exotic dishes with plenty of spices and aroma based food. You will often find the flavor going on when you buy such foods. It could be a street food or some pricey restaurants. Some foods may be weird like bugs, beetles, scorpions, that are all edible. Some of the street food delicacies include rice porridge and meatballs along with ginger. Thai fried noodles induced with tofu and som spicy like ingredients or spicy salad will make you drool. There is shredded papaya of course. You should take into comparison about which stall to buy from. Not all are clean and safe to eat. Foods prepared should be freshly done and in front of you so that it is visible.

Rock Climbing in the Railay – This is one of the best sports climbing destination of the worlds. You can be an amateur to an expert as many like to come here and take part in rock climbing. There are seasoned professionals and beginner climbers too. You can rent your gear from some local shops. The Railay bay is breathtaking where you will be able to see limestone cliffs and many more bolted routes.

Elephant trekking in Khao Sok – This is a beautiful national part in the southern part of Thailand. There are many elephant treks that you can find here. They are treated fairly and also look healthy as well. You could also rent and stay in a bungalow in the park or spend many days exploring the waterfalls, trails and the wildlife.

Meditation course in Chang Mai – Try something different rather than going to trekking to see hill tribes. You could also take up a cooking course or learn tai chi with different types of meditation. This will help you cleanse the inner being within you. Start eating more vegetables with fiber and lesser amount of fat.

Cave Kayaking in Krabi – Kayaking I very popular in this part of the world. They kayaks are known to flow through mango groves planet. It has beautiful scenery and going inside the caves are exhilarating. They are also known as the stalactites and the stalagmites. Visit the lagoon too that is surrounded by higher cliffs.
Taking a stroll of the river Kwai – It is a thrill as you can feel the rush and also between two rail routes. If you make one wrong move, you could end up falling in the river. There are absolutely no cages or railroad lines to protect you from moving freely.

Going to a waterfall – There are many beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. Swimming has never been so exciting. You jump of the rocks into the water along with the water fall and experience how it feels to do so. There are many other adventurous things or activities that you could enjoy under a nice warm weather.