Florida is the place that captures your imagination. Is the place to be? The landscape, beaches and the flora and fauna that surround the Florida region is quite breathtaking on its own. As more visitors and tourists continue to pour in to this place to get a taste of the beauty that this place holds.  Here are some of the tourist attractions that you must visit and enjoy the trip.

Walt Disney World – This is a place that you have to visit. Very well known and good and a memorable experience for the kids. No matter how much of a traveler you are, this place always stays ahead in the list. It is worth the visit and the money that you spend on Walt Disney world. You children will be awestruck and fire crackers right above the Cinderella’s castle. There are many particular rides that your kids will enjoy.

Miami – There is a huge Latino community present here. They are a melting pot of cultures and nationalities including the Cuban, Haitian, and Colombian cultures that lives together to form the community of Florida. It is the diversity that makes Miami one of the melting pots in USA and distinctively different from other states. The south beaches are great to take a stroll or a brisk walk.

Key West – Florida beaches are known to have great seafood restaurants near the sea beaches. Sea food is famous here. One can visit the place without much hassle. There are many restaurants located in the Key West that sells delicious sea foods. As most cultures and cuisines have mixed well, it brings others the respect for your people and people from other community. There are various people like the people with different colors, race, religions, straights, gays and any other thing that comes in between.

The Everglades – the place might look like a swamp, but are known to be one of the most beautiful places in Florida. Here you can find many outdoor activities including canoeing, biking, kayaking, and walking around the park. Once you are here, you will be able to surf through delicate eco system for ever. You can also see the alligators back surface in the black waters. The land is more like a wet prairie, quietness and big sky.

Forts and Cannons – To begin with the journey this is one of the oldest masonry forts in the United States. The canons are aimed towards the coast line that makes the inroads to Tallahassee or even the Archeological site called the Mission San Luis. You might step back in time before and experience the life at the mission in 1703.

Nascar – The season begins and ends in the Florida. You can test drive through the Daytona International Speedway in the month of November. This is the place where you can find the driving experience of all times. Racing fans comes from all over the country to participate and is a treat to watch for the audience. Other forms of racing include loyal fans from all across the country. Then there is also the Sebring International Raceway that is also well known.

Spring, caves, trails and the fountain of youth – there is a total of 11000 river miles and water ways to explore. Pack those swimsuits. You will be able to see many birds and animals including the birds, alligators and turtles. The boat tours and the wildlife sightings are quite nice and are beautiful. The Biscayne National Underwater Park is a great place to be at. Then there are the de Leon springs where they can swim through boat tours and sightings through the wild life. The falling waters state park is known to be having a waterfall at the 67 feet. You could also rent a canoe at canoe escape.

Viva Florida – Cuban sandwich is served in most of the restaurants between two cities. Some of the restaurants include Tampa’s Latin Quarter and the ybor city. Columbia restaurant is also a good place to eat out in Florida beaches. There is key lime Pie and guava desserts that is taking time to move around with the bustling streets of Florida. There are Caribbean, Latin, Greek, Cuban and French cuisine. There are also rare foods like the gator nuggets or frog legs. There are at least 340 Florida museums all throughout the state.

The river of Grass – they are also known to be the river of glass or the Everglades. It is home to about 700 plants and 300 birds’ species like the endangered manatee, Florida panther and crocodile.

Search for sea shells – the sunny state is almost 700 miles along with sandy beaches along the 1200 mile coastline. There are many beaches that are rated to be the best in the country. Powdery sands includes pristine beaches.